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We’re back!

After three months of Zooming, we are planning to meet again in person – Monday June 6th from 6-8pm at the Courtenay Public Library.  Ryan will have a presentation (perhaps…

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Monthly Meeting: March ’22

N6992 | Photographer: Les Disher

Agenda Presentation: Whatever happened to the Betelgeuse supernova we heard might come in March 2020? Astronomer Bio: Jocelyn Bell Burnell (continuing the monthly series on under-known astronomers that I started…

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Further 2020 Meetings

Good day everyone, It will come as no surprised that considering the current condition all meetings are cancelled until further notice. We will resume our meetings as soon as the…

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March 2020 Meeting

Good day everyone, Based on feedbacks received, yesterday’s meeting was another big success. The attendance was excellent to a point where some of us had to sit in the bleachers….

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January 2020 Meeting

Good day all, Great meeting last night. We started the evening with Oakley’s being presented with a telescope from the club. Based on feedbacks received, the club wanted to reward…

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