Good day all,

Great meeting last night. We started the evening with Oakley’s being presented with a telescope from the club. Based on feedbacks received, the club wanted to reward this young lad for his enthusiasm and eager to learn.

Comox Valley Astronomy Club president Francois Pilote talks to the group

We continued the evening with Ian presenting a very informative Power Point on his progress building a backyard observatory. Following Ian’s presentation we watched a very informative documentary regarding light pollution.

Comox Valley Astronomy Club president Francois Pilote and Les Disher

After viewing the video Don presented Margaret Burbage, a pioneer in the world of astronomy who fought for women equality. We ended the evening with a presentation regarding Betelgeuse and what could happen to it in its later part of life.

In ending I would like to remind everyone to send a group email to advise all members you will be at the observation site on a certain night. It’s definitely more enjoyable than being in the middle of an empty field.

Clear skies,