Presentation: Whatever happened to the Betelgeuse supernova we heard might come in March 2020?
Astronomer Bio: Jocelyn Bell Burnell (continuing the monthly series on under-known astronomers that I started in 2019).
Astro-photos: Can someone share a recent photo they’ve taken or processed?  If nobody volunteers I will share a couple 2020 photos of Comet Neowise.
Guess What I Found: Have you found new software, hardware, or gadgets you want to share on?  If not, I have something I ran into recently to talk about.
Observing Object: Spring is coming.  Is anyone comfortable sharing on observing the Beehive?  If not, I will be ready to share.
Please help me: Does anyone have any tech issues they need help with?  Share your problem and let us try to find a buddy who is qualified to help.
Swap & shop: I don’t want our meetings to turn into a flea market, but there was a certain amount of gear trading / gifting that occurred when we were meeting in person.


Zoom has a limitation of 40 min per meeting so I’ve also scheduled a second meeting at 7:30 pm for the same nights. Between 7:30 and 7:40 we will take a break and shift from one zoom meeting to another.  That will give us at least an hour of meeting time.

The Passcode for 7:00 (ID 886 5487 4771)  is WUY2QW
and for 7:30 (ID 854 6298 3336) is JcL8fa

Topic: Comox Valley Astronomy Club Meeting


Time: Mar 7, 2022 07:00 PM

Every month on the First Mon, 8 occurrence(s)

Mar 7, 2022
Apr 4, 2022
May 2, 2022
Jun 6, 2022
Jul 4, 2022
Aug 1, 2022
Sep 5, 2022
Oct 3, 2022


For the 7:00 meetings    (ID 886 5487 4771)              

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For the 7:30 meetings    (ID 854 6298 3336)

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